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Publication date for The Money Club is 1 August 2007

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About Us

At a regular book club meeting Dianne, Emily and Di decided they wanted to find out more about the stockmarket, and make some money from it. They knew little about shares, but they figured that since a club was such a good way to learn about books, it might work just as well for money. They asked friends and colleagues to join their club. Frances decided to come on board.

In 1998 they created the Sheba Investment Network (SIN) - they fondly refer to each other as Sinners. Once the word was out that the club was making money, they had plenty of requests to join their club. In 2001 the four members joined forces to write The Money Club, which became a bestseller with sales exceeding 20,000 copies and inspired hundreds of readers to start their own investment clubs. Their money club discussions also led them to write Financially Fit for Life.

photo of co-author Emily Chantiri Emily Chantiri is a regular contributor to a number of magazines, including NoteBook and ABC Life etc. She is also the author of The Savvy Girl’s Money Book.

Even though Emily had previous stockmarket experience, she says she has learned so much more from her time with the money club.

Emily lives in Sydney with her husband and two sons.

photo of co-author Frances Beck Frances Beck lives in Sydney with her husband and two daughters.

She works as an in-house counsel in the public sector.

Before becoming one of the founding members of Sheba Investment Network in 1998, Frances had never owned a share and knew very little about the stockmarket.

photo of co-author Dianne Hill Dianne Hill works in project management.

She lives in Sydney with her teenage daughter, Laura.

In addition to continuing to learn from being a member of our investment club, she is working on how a woman who came to investing late in life can build assets so she can go travelling and have more fun!

photo of co-author Di Robinson Di Robinson has just finished a senior management role in the public sector and is now enjoying the flexibility of working on a number of projects.

She lives in Sydney with her son.

She has learned a lot from being part of an investment club and is working on her investment strategy.

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