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Publication date for The Money Club is 1 August 2007

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The Money Club (revised)

The Money Club revised book coverThe success of The Money Club continues in this revised and updated edition.

Sheba Investment Network (SIN) is a group of women who meet once a month to have fun and make money.

Nine years ago, only one of them had ever owned a share before. Now, they hold stockmarket investments that have a 30%-35% return - an excellent investment by anyone's standard. They taught themselves how to do it, and in The Money Club they show readers how they, too, can set up their own money club.

The book is a great, lively read - as you would expect from a group where the social aspect is as important as the money. In it, the women tell their stories, both their successes and their mistakes. It includes all the administrative aspects of running such a club as well, so all readers have to do is copy the Partnership Agreement, or follow the prompts on keeping accounts. It couldn't be easier. buy it now

Financially Fit For Life

Financially Fit For Life book cover Financially Fit For Life gives you simple exercises to establish your financial position and habits - your Money Picture - and follows up with targetted help for your individual circumstances. From overcoming the attitudes, excuses and barriers that are holding you back, to escaping your debts, to building for the future, Financially Fit For Life contains all the information you need to feel confident about taking control of your finances. Practical tips and stories from the authors and others - along with the lessons they've learnt along the way - will help you to identify your own state of financial fitness, and work out where to go from here.

Financially Fit For Life is not about "getting rich quick". It is a practical and motivational book that helps you on the way to financial fitness based on where you are and what steps you can take right now to become financially independent. buy it now

The Savvy Girl's Money Book

The Savvy Girl's Money Book book cover A clever money management guide for 20-35 year olds who spend their hard-earned cash on shoes and cocktails and don't have enough left to pay the monthly phone bill, let alone plan for marriage and kids.

Very informative with a bright and breezy style that appeals to young women who run a mile from dry, earnest advice. Author Emily Chantiri previously co-wrote the best-selling The Money Club and Financially Fit for Life. buy it now

The Money Club

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