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Get Financially Fit


I worry that I'm not saving any money
I don't know where my money goes every month
I can't pay the full balance on my credit card(s)
I seem to be getting into more and more debt
I don't have time to organise my finances
Books and articles on financial topics have too much jargon and are hard to understand
I'm worried that I'll be ripped off

You're not alone – Did you know that most people would prefer a trip to the dentist rather than taking control of their finances! The good news is:

You don't have to be a financial expert to take control of your money

Our Financially Fit for Life Kit will take you through a simple step by step process to get you started. It's simple, just by taking a look at your current financial picture; of where you are now and a plan to get you to the next stage.

How can I get motivated & make the time?

Controlling your finances is not necessarily about being rich - it's about having more choices in your life, and making the most of what you have. Just like physical fitness, financial fitness won't come to you if you sit back and wait for it. It's a habit for life, and it's never too late to start.

Sarah manages to find time in her weekly routine for keeping up to date with financial matters.

"My daughter has dancing lesson every Monday, after school. While I wait for her lessons to finish, I grab a coffee and open my mail and go through sorting out the bills and actions I need to do to keep on my Money Diet!. I know I have to wait 45 minutes for her to finish, so I might as well use this time wisely."

What's your financial personality and how your background can influence your money decisions?

  • What were your parents/family beliefs around money?
  • Did your parents save money?
  • What are the conversations you can remember around money? “Money doesn't grow on trees” or “You don't need new shoes you already have a pair” or “We don't have enough money to feed the family and you want something for yourself?”
  • Were you involved in financial discussions?
  • Have you grown up to be financially self-reliant, or do you rely on others to bail you out?

Do you recognise your financial personality here?

Financially challenged – Your eyes glaze over at the mere mention of the economy, cash flow, budgets and so on.
Budget Bore – You like to record and measure everything – every cent and its impact is monitored
The Entrepreneur – You like to wheel and deal. You are not worried by large debt – you like everything big

Your background and financial personality will have a direct influence on how you manage your finances.

Discover Your Money Picture

Do you know YOUR own Money Picture? Our easy step by step guide will help you reach your financial goals. Once you complete your picture, ask yourself, Is this where I want to be?

If not, then you can follow some of our simple guidelines to achieve your goals.

Find out where your money comes from and where your money goes. Are you:

RED (more money going out than coming in)

AMBER (you spend all your money)

GREEN (more money coming in than going out)?

Once you work where you are, then you are well on the road to taking control of your finances and planning the right money diet.

Diet plans are:

GREEN = Invest and build your assets

AMBER = Save, Save and Save

RED = Recover and pay off debts

Once you discover your Money Picture you'll find out:

  • How to make sure you are financially on track
  • How to safeguard and grow your wealth
  • Ways to make sure you have enough set aside to pay your bills
  • Tools and techniques to save for holidays and special events

You will also get information on some important things that can change your financial picture

  • How your relationship can affect your financial security
  • Do you need a pre-nup if you're getting married?
  • What are the other influences that affect your financial security and how to manage them?
  • Why and how to make a will
  • Do you have the right insurance coverage?
  • How do you make sure you don't fall into the many types of financial scams that we hear about?

You don't have to have a lot of money to start with

In fact, even if you are currently in debt there are still things you can do – you just need to know HOW to make your circumstances work for you.


It's easier than you think!

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