With a Masters in Business Law and an executive career behind her, Jade has extensive experience advising on company structuring, business startups, mergers and acquisitions, industrial relations matters and complex commercial disputes. Coupled with her experience in Entrepreneurship and startups, Jade knows exactly what it takes to be successful in business, having navigated this multiple times over.

Jade is an innovative, driven and solutions focused Entrepreneur helping everyday Australians Invest in real estate and grow their wealth through the correct management of money and mindset, so they are able to live an extraordinary life and aren’t retiring with little to no options. Passionate about developing tailored strategies and solutions that suit every individuals risk profile, capacity and goals, in conjunction with a team of accountants + advisors, Jade loves to work closely with clients to help them succeed in all
aspects of their business.

With a persistent passion for personal and professional peak performance, Jade’s drive to succeed extends into all areas of her personal and professional life.

Jade views her clients as partners and knows the success of any business relies on both trust, and long-standing relationships. Jade partners with the best in class partnerships the industry has to offer, and extends this network to our clients.


Having a strong passion and knack for numbers, combined with a love for dealing with and helping people, Sam found his way into the wonderful world of taxation and accounting.

His love for numbers and interest in money along with wealth management, has allowed him to foray into many investment scenarios, building his experience and knowledge with Money from a unique tax perspective.

With a very unique set of skills in the realm of accounting and taxation, Sam has remarkably coupled this with his interest and experience in the investment space, in particular the real estate realm, where he frequently assists clients with their taxation needs, as well as correct structuring when it comes to investing.

Sam truly views his clients as long term partners, and thinks outside the box to be able to maximise the clients’ benefit when it comes to managing, and magnifying their money and taxation affairs.

Sam has vast experience dealing with clients from all walks of life, backgrounds and financial circumstances, and he is continually seeking creative ways to help his clients, assisting numerous taxpayers to navigate the ever-changing compliance environment, with a strong focus on tax planning and effective solutions to help grow your wealth, so you can succeed in all areas on your journey.