Our Income Tax Calculator is designed to help you estimate your taxable income and understand your potential tax liabilities. This tool provides a quick and easy way to get an overview of your financial situation by entering various types of income and deductions.

How to Use the Income Tax Calculator:

  • Employment Income: Enter the total income earned from your employment before any deductions.
  • Investment Income: Include income from investments such as dividends, interest, and rental income.
  • Small Business Income: Input the total income earned from your small business operations.
  • Net Capital Gain: Enter the net capital gains from the sale of assets such as stocks or property.
  • Deductions: Enter the total amount of allowable deductions.
  • Investment Deductions: Include any deductible expenses related to your investments, such as interest or management fees.
  • Small Business Deductions: Input any allowable deductions specific to your small business.
  • Donations: Include any charitable donations that are tax-deductible.


This calculator provides an estimate and is not a comprehensive assessment of your financial situation. For a thorough review and personalized advice, we welcome you to schedule a discovery call with our tax experts.

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