Our Capital Gains Calculator helps you estimate the potential capital gains tax on your investments. By inputting the details of your asset transactions, you can quickly assess the financial impact and plan accordingly.

How to Use the Capital Gains Calculator:

  • Have you owned the asset for more than 12 months?: Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to indicate the holding period of the asset. This affects the calculation of your capital gains tax.
  • Purchase Price: Enter the initial purchase price of the asset.
  • Sold Price: Include the selling price at which the asset was sold.
  • Cost of Purchase: Input any costs associated with purchasing the asset, such as legal fees or stamp duty.
  • Cost of Selling: Include any costs associated with selling the asset, like agent fees or marketing costs.
  • Current Taxable Income: Enter your current taxable income to estimate the capital gains tax payable.


This calculator provides an estimate and is not a comprehensive assessment of your financial situation. For a thorough review and personalised advice, we welcome you to schedule a discovery call with our tax experts.

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