Negative gearing is when the costs of owning an investment property exceed the rental income it generates, making it a useful calculation for investors to understand potential tax benefits and overall financial impact.

Our Negative Gearing Calculator helps you determine the potential financial impact of negative gearing on your investment property. By entering your rental income, expenses, and other relevant details, you can assess whether your property investment is positively or negatively geared.

How to Use the Negative Gearing Tax Benefit Calculator:

  • Annual Rental Income: Enter the total rental income you expect to receive from your investment property over the year.
  • Annual Investment Property Expenses: Include all relevant expenses associated with maintaining and managing your investment property (e.g., council rates, insurance, maintenance).
  • Interest on Loans: Input the total interest paid on loans for the investment property.
  • Annual Depreciation: Enter the depreciation amounts for Division 40 (Plant & Equipment) and Division 43 (Capital Works).
  • Salary: Enter your annual salary to help calculate the overall tax benefit.


This calculator provides an estimate and is not a comprehensive assessment of your financial situation. For a thorough review and personalised advice, we welcome you to schedule a discovery call with our tax experts.

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